Disposable Temporary Email

USB stick powered by www.USB.Farm

Every email sent to:

alternate_email *@meteo.top (working until 2020-10-19)
alternate_email *@holiday.pet (working until 2020/10/22)

can be read by this Roundcube email client


User: m@temp.monster




Any kind of address is possible, for example mail@holiday.pet or donald.trump@estimating.bid.

Please don't use this service for sensible information. Emails are shared and all can be seen in this single email client.

Emails are store for many days if not deleted. Downloads are enable, Send and Trash are disable.


How it works? All the altemails created are forwarded to a single email address and can be view with the webclient.

 If you like a basic temporary email with personal view:


Here emails are also public but you can read it only if you know the exact email address



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